About Us

About Physia

Physia is a smart textile company that changes the way you’ve thought about patient care. You will have the ability to receive in-the-moment risk alerts for your patient with the use of our smart garments.


Our goal is to prevent patient disability and injury by alerting the appropriate personnel remotely in the event of an emergency, thanks to our machine learning and deep learning algorithm's ability to do this on the user's behalf when they are incapable or unaware of potential risk. 

Providing you with a passionate team

Alex Thornton
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Marine Corps veteran, former athlete and serial entrepreneur. 3x time founder with

1st company in Okinawa, Japan, which was an American and Okinawan style Kenpo Dojo.

2nd company in Bangkok, Thailand, which was an internet cafe and lounge that was acquired.

3rd company in Denver, Colorado, which focus on smart clothing that helps identify risk and minimize injury

Daniel Rosenberg
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Background in astrophysics, programming, electronics, automation, data analysis, UX/backend, hardware, and software.

Duncan Reidner
Chief Revenue Officer

Marine Corps veteran with over 10 years of experience as a financial manager as well as deep knowledge in graphene-based wearables. 

Tony Dobaj
Partner and Tech Consultant

Investor, serial entrepreneur with 35+ years in Startups, Wearables, Smart Cities, Electrical Engineering, Digital, Analog, Microprocessor, Firmware, Embedded, R&D.

Mike Thomas

Electrical engineer & PCB/Schematics Designer for 8+ years for large multinational corporations, small startups with expertise in industries including renewable energy,
micro-grids, consumer products, and
medical robotics.